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Hope you are feeling great after all you have been through last year. I am gonna try out your recipes this weekend.

One question though — Do you use Celcius or Farenheit? Or if anybody can help me, please? You always manage to thrill, Angie.

Thanks for another amazing idea — I know my students at school will go ga-ga for these! I just died of the cute! Btw, if I do not want to use sanding sugar is there an alternative?

These lil pandas are so so adorable, and wow easy to make with your fabulous instructions! You are so amazing Lady!!!!!

Thanks for sharing this super easy, yet adorable cupcake today! To Monica Lasarati — degrees will be fahrenheit.

That equates to about degrees celsius. I cannot wait to make these for my nephew! I was just at our Zoo with him on Friday. I love pandas and all things chocolate, and cake… Gotta try these out.

You are SO creative! I love how adorable they are and how easy! You have such a talent for making simple things beautiful.

Going out right now to get the stuff to make these… I was thinking yo could do a reg cupcake and use hersey kisses to..

You do the cutest faces! Like the little girl with the unicorn stuffy in the Despicable me movie I just want to hug these guys they are too cute!!!

I have pinned some panda cupcakes before but I just love the nose and eyes and fur on your guys!!! OK so can you just have your own baking show already?

Their expressions bring them to life. I love these as I am a bear collector and these are just too cute to resist. I plan on making these real soon.

Thanks so much Angie! I wonder what I could use to change them into koalas? You left me speechless……. When Sam and Carly found out about this, Freddie did not believe them, but later talked to Valerie, who revealed the truth.

She was able to manipulate people; her actions were evident in attempting to use Sam as well for her webshow, and trying to get Carly to give up her show.

Jeremy Nathan Pearson is a sickly boy who is known as "Germy" because he has been constantly sneezing and coughing since first grade.

He is seen in the episode " iNevel ", restraining and sneezing on Nevel to force him to tell the truth on camera about his negative review on iCarly.

Jeremy is not seen after Season 1. Wendy is known to gossip about the newest things around the school. She can be seen in the background of Ridgeway when the bell rings.

He helps the iCarly gang in iGot Detention by creating a distraction so that a webcast can continue in the school. Wesley also appears in the episode "iGo Nuclear" of Season 2.

He is never seen after "iGot Detention". Duke Doug Brochu is an aggressive student in Ridgeway who likes to wrestle. He is incredibly strong, as he was shown capable of lifting and moving a refrigerator as well as being able to burst his head though a wall.

He also appeared in " iSpy on a Mean Teacher. She is seen bullying the students in Ridgeway and torturing them e.

Later in the episode, she loses a fight against Sam in the Groovy Smoothie. Sam broke up with Jonah after he tried to kiss Carly.

Carly and Sam got revenge by wedgie bouncing Jonah on iCarly. He is never seen or mentioned after that. When Carly invites him over to sing on iCarly, the iCarly gang realizes he has a terrible voice.

Freddie fixes the problem by digitally altering his voice to make it sound better, and Jake gets back together with his girlfriend the next day.

He is never seen nor mentioned after this. She had a very odd personality, and is a skilled magician. He praised Sam for being tough and aggressive during her birthday party, which made Sam want to change into a more girlier image.

Pete tells her later on that he prefers dating a girl who can kiss well and beat someone up when she needs to, rather than dating a "daffodil.

He was shown to survive with major injuries. He was not seen or mentioned again in the show. In turn, she had a major crush on Freddie, but Freddie wanted nothing to do with her.

She is not seen or mentioned again after this episode. He appears to have a crush on Carly in iHave My Principals. Simon Kendall [17] Simon Bernal was a boy who could squirt milk out of his eye.

He appeared in " iPilot " and " iCarly Awards ". He was known for speaking in strange metaphors that only Gibby could understand. Sam did not like him at all and eventually grew tired of him, frustrated with his way of speaking.

He then ran away while crying. He only appeared in "iWin a Date". He arrests Spencer in "iWant More Viewers" due to a bright billboard sign that he and Freddie made, which caused a series of automobile accidents.

The sign also malfunctioned and spelled out "Pee on Carl", which Officer Carl thought was targeted at him. He and Spencer come face-to-face at Webicon.

At the end of the show, Aspartamay was "killed" by Carly by stealing his jewel revealing that it is his life force. He sings a song before his "death" and falls to the ground.

She was frequently mentioned throughout the first three seasons, but had never been seen in person. Whenever Sam mentioned her, it was either something negative, or something disturbing and gross.

She is described as "poor", "desperate", and "hostile". Generally, she is indeed hostile to Sam, in which, Sam is hostile in the same manner.

She likes Melanie more than Sam, seeing the highly noticeable difference between the two. She is known for her "frequent dating" something mentioned by Sam in nearly every episode and "driving issues", as shown in " iMust Have Locker ".

It is also revealed that she has a love interest for Italian men , as mentioned by Sam in " iGot a Hot Room ". She reappears onscreen in the episode "iShock America" wearing a bikini, but only the lower-half of her body is seen and she has no dialogue.

She is a foreign woman from Uzbekistan. She speaks no English, so Spencer has to use hand motions to communicate with her.

Krustacia and Foogtor walk out of the loft and do not make any further appearances. They only appear in the special "iDo". He tries to sing it both on iCarly and at the wedding but both times, he got nervous and urinated on himself.

At the wedding, Carly sings the song for Gordon. Spencer walks in on iCarly when Gordon proposes to Jodi, and she immediately falls in love with Spencer after already telling Gordon she would marry him.

Jodi loves the song Gordon wrote for her, so at the end of "iDo" she decides to marry him. He hires the iCarly children to endorse their new athletic shoe, the Techfoot, on their webshow.

After the children discover that the shoes have many defects, they try to get the company to recall their product. Instead, Horvath threatens to sue iCarly for breach of contract.

Spencer discovers a loophole in the contract, which requires the iCarly gang to only say "positive" things about the Techfoots.

Realizing that he has been outsmarted, Horvath is forced to buy out the contract. If he refused, he would be countersued for tricking the children into advertising the faulty shoes.

He was hospitalized for unknown reasons, and died a few days later. He was 97 years old at the time of his death, and was survived by his granddaughter, Trudy.

The iCarly gang went to Mr. Spencer and Carly provided a distraction while Sam and Freddie tried to find the recipes in the computer.

During an argument, Sam and Freddie wound up knocking over the computer and breaking it. Then, Carly discovered that the pie recipes were hidden, literally, in the computer itself.

With the recipes recovered, the pie shop was saved from being closed. Mario Jim Pirri is an Italian immigrant friend of Mr.

He told Carly and the gang that Mr. His only appearance was in " iPie ". Mario had worked at the pie shop as a cashier for twenty years. Galini died, he was about to close down the pie shop, until the iCarly trio found the pie recipe.

Trudy Galini Wendy Haines is the granddaughter of Mr. Galini, seen in the episode " iPie ". She is very awkward and weird, and seems to lead a depressing life.

Her habits include eating packets of sweetener, twirling her hair, and attempting to kiss Spencer, with whom she went out only once. She aspires to become an actress , but at the end of the episode, decides to give up that dream to re-open the pie shop and run it.

After Nevel tricks her into believing Carly meant to tackle her grandmother, she, Freddie, Carly, Gibby and Sam get their revenge on him.

Victoria Justice later made an appearance in " iParty with Victorious " starring as her Tori Vega character from Victorious.

In regards to the Tori character, Sam says to Carly: She is a parody of singer Britney Spears. She was once a Pop Music Award-winner but is revealed to have lost her talent and gone crazy, often throwing forks at people when she is angry.

Ginger has a 6-month-old son named Billy, is divorced, and tries to teach her rabbit to do tricks. Ginger fired her director because "he kept telling [her] what to do".

She is not seen after this but her songs can be heard in the background of iCarly and Victorious. Her songs are also sung by cast members of both shows.

He had never been caught on video because he sneaks in before robbing a place and disables the cameras. This changes when Freddie uses his spy glasses and catches him, but when T-Bo and a newscaster talk about what he did, Freddie worries that Shadow Hammer will find him and beat him down.

Spencer fixes the problem by changing the sign at his apartment to 8H instead of 8D. He attacked him with fruit and weapons, hogtied him with an apple in his mouth, and played loud music to ruin the web show annoy the gang while trying to have peace and quiet without Chuck causing trouble.

It explodes, causing Chip to get stuck to the wall. Chip only appears in "iBattle Chip". She is only seen in " iNevel ," in which she forced Nevel to remove a bad review he wrote about iCarly.

Ozlottis wears a cone around his neck because he has a scab on his chin. They only appear in "iFence" , where Carly asks Sam to eat with her while they visit from Fresno, California , but as soon as Sam meets them herself, she hates them too.

Carly tells her to stay since Spencer is not home yet and she cannot spend two hours with them, but Sam claims it cannot be that bad.

Carly was forced to make a green-colored vegetable pudding for them, which tasted horrible to her. Ultimately, iCarly makes it to the awards and retaliates by sabotaging their presentation, winning the awards and revealing their evil plan in the process.

As a result, they are arrested for kidnapping Carly, Sam and Freddie. Spencer thought the girl was a figment of his imagination because he missed Carly so much, but at the end of the episode, Carly could see her too.

The girl leaves the apartment at the end. It is unknown what her true name is and why only she appears to Carly and Spencer.

Benson hires him to protect Freddie when she worries about the Shadow Hammer. However, he tends to get overprotective, as shown when he intercepts and interrogates Carly when she enters her apartment.

He claims to have fought in three wars and is fond of Full House. Wade Collins Alex Schemmer is a British-Canadian aspiring singer and a shouter who refers to Americans as "hobknockers".

Due to interference by the iCarly gang, he lost the final round of America Sings parody of American Idol. The group offered to make a music video for him, only to discover he is a surly and egotistical man.

He steals the video after it is complete, but the iCarly gang gets revenge by showing everyone what an awful person he is and telling them where he is staying.

He is mentioned again in " iFix a Popstar ", where it is revealed the music video they made for him was one of the top ten most watched videos of all time.

He challenged Freddie to a fencing competition, only to be beaten by him and Ms. She returns in " iEnrage Gibby ", to express condolence when she thinks Spencer is dead.

He has a troublesome son and works for the Seattle Police Department. Spencer then proceeded to get revenge by spanking Stimbler on the buttocks with one of his brooms much to the enjoyment of his son.

She had a minor role in " iSpeed Date " and a major role in " iEnrage Gibby ". In the latter episode, Gibby temporally breaks up with her after believing that she was cheating on him with Freddie and trying to kiss him, causing him to become enraged and plan to fight Freddie for revenge.

After Freddie proves to Gibby that he was not trying to steal his girlfriend and that she had just tripped and fallen on him, Gibby and Tasha reconcile.

When meeting Spencer, he saw many of his pieces, and made negative comments. Spencer was heartbroken and considered giving up art.

Carly went to Joyner and demanded he apologize to her brother. The two artists made amends and started to make a sculpture of a jaw for a local dentist.

He is not mentioned in any other episodes. Amber Tate Rachel G. Fox is a spoiled child actress that appears in " iCarly Saves TV ", in which she is rude to the iCarly gang.

She has a small dog who vomits on Freddie. In "iWanna Stay With Spencer", he attempted to get Carly to move with him because he thought Spencer was an irresponsible guardian.

In the end, he allowed Carly to stay with Spencer after realizing he was responsible. He loves to exercise and can do a handstand while walking.

In "iWant a World Record", he appears for a few seconds on the web show, and is mentioned several times in the show. He reappears in the episode, "iHire An Idiot".

He has appeared in a few episodes, but has mostly been stationed on a base in Italy. In the final episode, Carly left Seattle to stay with him in Italy.

She is loud and outgoing, and is considered insane and annoying by the iCarly gang. It appears she switches fandoms very quickly, going from iCarly to the band Spencer was in, claiming to be their biggest fan.

Nora Dershlit [20] Danielle Morrow is a psychotic and lonely girl who is a crazy fan of iCarly and has no friends except for her chicken Maurice and her equally psychotic parents leaving her to her own devices.

She first appears in " iPsycho " season 3 , where she kidnaps Carly, Sam, and Freddie after they helped her become popular with the children at her school.

After a lengthy fight with Gibby while his brother frees the iCarly gang, Nora is knocked out by Sam pressing a pressure point in her shoulder the fictional Vulcan nerve pinch and is arrested soon after.

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